Agreeing with the means, not with the content.

I must confess, I am equally dreading and anticipating hearing William Jacobson speak today. Jacobson’s blog, Legal Insurrection has pioneered the conservative blogosphere. His blog seems to work off a somewhat sustainable model. His voice and perspective seems to be unabashed, and he ruthlessly provides links which bolster his credibility. Indeed, Jacobson is holding power accountable and offering coverage that is often lacking in the mainstream. It would appear as if advertising is a large part of his revenue stream (given that my gaze is unable to avert the Chili’s ad blaring at the side of the page) but it warms me to know that he’s found a way to create his own independent and seemingly sustainable blog. From a technical standpoint, I greatly admire what it is that he does.

His content, on the other hand, makes my skin crawl. The bulk of his coverage appears to focus on debunking Obamacare (and beyond that still believes in the notion of death panels) despite mounting evidence that the cost of healthcare infrastructure in the United States would drop if we extended health coverage. Some of his coverage is divisive, taking swipes at people who insult the GOP  for being racist despite evidence to the contrary by way of voter ID laws.

Jacobson’s blog presents me with a lot of moral conundrums. His surveillance coverage far surpasses that of the mainstream media, and for that he deserves to be commended. His blog allows him to retain an independent and sometimes rightly critical voice but I disagree with his claims. But isn’t that the point of a free press, to promote this sort of dialogue? I guess I’ll see this afternoon if the dialogue plays out in the classroom.


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