Welcome to the Blogosphere.

Blogs are a unique product of our time. They shift the power of free speech back into the hands of anyone with an internet connection. They house some of today’s hardest hitting news, as well as some of todays most blatant misinformation with sprinkles of bizarre memes, fashion, humor and basically anything else you can imagine. Blogs are what make it possible for people like Glenn Greenwald to deliver hard-hitting news without being beholden to the corporate media structure.

A slideshow from Bloomberg’s Business Week shows the true scope of topics that blogs can cover an that how, with a little bit of ambition, a blog is an achievable and sustainable dream. It goes back to the core ideas of independent media: filling in a niche, or a silence that the mainstream is leaving.

Indeed, all the blogs listed in the slideshow cover a very wide array of topics, but every blogger pioneer was attempting to fill a silence they saw in our media culture. Most of them have seen great success. 

At the same time, it has to take a large amount of guts to dedicate yourself to being a professional blogger. In the beginning, the financial resources are limited. You are left to make a name for yourself off your own innovation, but as we can see what happened with Talking Points Memo, if you’re truly dedicated to good journalism and establish a dedicated reader base, your readers will also be your trustees.

But how to take that leap of faith? That’s a question we each must answer on our own.


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